With OnBoard, employee referrals become mere child’s play

Introducing an employee referral program can quickly become complex and difficult.

OnBoard simplifies the implementation and all the necessary processes for recruiters, employees and candidates.

How the software works


The recruiter enters a job opening


He invites employees to join the referral platform


They start recommending potential candidates via social networks


Referred candidates are directed to an attractive landing page and send in their application


Employees whose recommendations lead to a hire will be rewarded

Product highlights

Easy set-up

OnBoard works without installation and on any device with an internet connection.


Perfect integration

We integrate with existing applicant tracking systems (ATS), so you can use OnBoard without changing your workflow.


Referral boost

Automatic connections to social networks and a smart referral-assistant boost your employees’ referral rates.

Safety first

OnBoard uses modern encryption technologies, high security standards and takes care of data privacy protection.


Full transparency

OnBoard keeps your employees up to date about their referrals and gives the recruiter valuable insights into important statistics and analytics.


Great support

OnBoard’s fast and reliable support assists with everything, from implementation to daily use and helps you to constantly improve your recruiting processes. We take care of all technical matters and deliver periodical system updates.