Hiring the right employees is essential for sustainable growth

But finding them can be extremely challenging. Involving your own workforce in the recruiting process will provide you access to the talent your business is looking for.

Employees recommending employees

When using an employee referral program (ERP) for recruiting, your existing staff helps fill open positions by recommending qualified friends, colleagues or relatives.

OnBoard digitalises this time-tested recruiting strategy and allows employees to refer potential candidates directly via social media and other communication channels.

Why is recruiting with ERPs so efficient?

Larger talent reach

Your reach is not limited to active job seekers (about 12% of the labour market) – it extends to the 60% of the labour market that is employed but interested in changing jobs.


Hire everywhere

Your employees know talented people all over the world and can motivate them to relocate for the job.



40% of new hires in the US come from employee referrals.




Improve candidate quality

Referred candidates
– get on board faster
– enjoy a better cultural fit
– tend to stay longer
– are more productive and
– tend to find new talent themselves


Faster and cheaper

With an ERP, time-to-hire and cost-per-hire can be slashed in half.


Strengthen your employer brand

Your employees become ambassadors of your company and spread the word about your values and culture to their friends, relatives and former colleagues.


Benefits for your existing staff

Your employees can have a say about who will work with them in the future – and be rewarded for doing so. This strengthens your corporate culture and the employer-employee relationship.

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